Cloudflare R2 provides integration with Cloudflare's R2 service, allowing you to select files and upload them to any bucket you have configured, as well as delete remote files from R2 storage.


Cloudflare R2 uses awscli ( and must be installed for the extension to function.


To use Cloudflare R2 Explorer:

  • Enable the Cloudflare R2 extension
  • Configure your Cloudflare R2 AWS SDK and account info in the project settings.
  • Select file(s) in the Local Files section of the R2 Explorer sidebar, then right click and choose to upload to Cloudflare R2; they'll be uploaded to whichever directory you have selected last in the Cloudflare R2 Files section of the sidebar (e.g. clicking a folder, or a file within that folder will cause the upload action to place files into that prefix)


To configure project level settings for Cloudflare R2 Explorer extension, open Project → Projnect Settings... then select Cloudflare R2 Explorer's Settings icon and configure the Cloudflare account ID, S3 access key ID, S3 secret access key, and the name of the R2 bucket.


Version 1.0

Initial release