Rails provides clips for Ruby on Rails. If there is a tag missing that you would like to see added, please send an email through the bug reports option and will add on the next release.

Rails Completions

Title Trigger
content for content for or cf
content tag content tag or ct
each do loop each
else else
embedded ruby (<% %>) erb
end end
erb comment (<%# %>) com or #
erb print (<%= %>) =
if if
if else if else
image tag image
link to link
order order
render partial render or partial
simple format output sf
simple format simple
yield yield

HTML Completions

If you use Emmet, some of this may be unnecessary.

Title Trigger
div div
div + class divc
h1 (heading 1) h1
h2 (heading 2) h2
h3 (heading 3) h3
h4 (heading 4) h4
li (list item) li
ol (ordered list) ol
p (paragraph) p
strong strong
ul (unordered list) ul

Rails offers clips in the following categories:

  • html.erb
  • html
  • ruby (.rb) - coming soon


Version 1.6

See Version 1.5 but with cleaned up README file.

Version 1.5

Added more ERB (content_tag, else) and HTML completions.

Version 1.4

Added more HTML completions.

Version 1.3

Some tweaks and minor additions.

Version 1.2

Updated readme file. Cleaned up a few things.

Version 1.1

Minor changes to json file.

Version 1.0

Initial release