Killer Nova 🀄️

KN employs crimson red, teal, gold, greys, and pale green to deliver a code-all-day experience with readability, class, and a touch of candy jungle badassery.

Recommended fonts: SF Mono, Monaco, Source Code Mono, or Noto Mono Sans

For maximal code reading/writing pleasure, it's recommended you increase the editor line-height to 1.75x or greater. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

Continuing the Killer trend, this theme is not a port, but a reinvention for daily driver use. This year ('21), a new Killer is borne via the inimitable Nova by Panic.

The original Killer themes, for Firefox, Atom, & Sublime, are also by AB, along with some other cool javascript libraries you might find useful.


Version 1.0

Initial release