Deno 🦕

Everything you need for TypeScript and JavaScript development, powered by the Deno runtime.

  • Zero-config Typescript support.
  • A complete development toolchain including a formatter, linter, test runner, and language server.
  • Complete support for standard Web APIs like fetch, WebSocket, or the Streams API.
  • An audited standard library.
  • Dependencies without node_modules or package.json.
  • Secure by default, requiring explicit permission for file, network or environment access.

Deno's complete and fast Rust-based toolchain is the perfect companion for Nova, bringing a truly zippy TypeScript development environment.

This extension provides the following integrations with Nova:

  • Typechecking, linting, completions, code actions, registry import suggestions, and more in your editor.
  • Tasks in Nova derived from Deno tasks.
  • Automatic formatting on save.
  • Automatic caching of dependencies on save.
  • Commands for renaming symbols, caching dependencies, formatting documents, and renaming symbols.
  • Symbol search and dedicated sidebar.
  • Task templates for deno run and deno bundle commands.
  • Global and per-project configuration settings.

Nova also has built-in support for Deno's debugger thanks to its Deno Debug project task (Project → Project Settings → Add Deno Debug using + in Tasks section).

How is this different to the TypeScript extension?

The excellent Nova Typescript extension assumes you are using the Node.js runtime and everything that ecosystem brings with it. The node_modules folder. require() imports. package.json. Less support for Web Platform APIs. No built-in formatter, linter, or test runner.

It can be a lot. If you just want to be able to create a .ts file in an empty folder and get programming, then this extension is for you!

Requirements 🎒

To use this extension, you must have the Deno runtime installed (v.1.10.3 or above). Installation instructions can be found here.

If you use Deno 1.18+, any deno.json configuration files will be automatically detected and used by this extension.

Support for Deno tasks requires Deno 1.20+.

Support for "cache on save" requires Deno 1.37.0+.

Commands ⌨️

  • Cache - Cache all external dependencies
  • Format Document - Format with Deno's formatter
  • Rename symbol - Rename variables, functions, etc.
  • Find Symbol - Search for symbols in the codebase
  • Restart Deno LSP server - You shouldn't have to do this, but it's nice to have when you start getting angry.

Configuration options ⚙️

All of the below can be configured at a global and per-project basis (via Project → Project Settings...).

  • Linting
  • Format on save
  • Cache on save
  • Unstable Deno APIs
  • Complete function calls

The following can be configured on a per-project basis:

  • Enable Deno features
  • Import maps
  • Enabled paths
  • Disabled paths
  • Trusted import hosts
  • Untrusted import hosts
  • Document preload limit
  • TypeScript isolate memory limit


Shoutouts 📣

Big thanks to Cameron Little's excellent Nova Typescript extension for providing an excellent reference (and a lot of code) for developing a great Nova extension.

Contributing 🤝

This extension is itself a Deno codebase. Come add features and fix bugs with us!



  • Fix a problem where the Deno format command was not respecting user preferences re: spaces and tabs.


  • Add a new "Reload Import Registries" command.
  • Manually restart the server when the config file changes.
  • The "Cache dependencies" command was broken by the underlying command having been removed from the LSP. It has now been updated to the new command.
  • Removed the workspace "Enabled paths" and "Disabled paths" setting. If you were to add some enabled paths and remove all of them, Nova would leave an empty array, which would make the Deno LSP decide not to be enabled for anything. If you need to conditionally disable which files are analysed by the LSP, I recommend you use the deno.json exclude option to do so.


  • Changed fallback value for deno.enablePaths, as newer versions of Deno LSP interpret the previous fallback (an empty array) as enabling no paths.


  • The per-workspace setting for enabling unstable Deno APIs is now really respected.
  • Preferences for linting, cache on save, and complete function calls have all been moved to workspace settings. Changing these settings will no longer restart the LSP client!
  • Fixed an out of bounds issue for LSP <> Nova range conversions.
  • The build process for the extension has been improved, resulting in a smaller extension.


Two small bug fixes.

  • The per-workspace setting for enabling unstable Deno APIs is now respected.
  • Deno task detection has been made more efficient.

Additionally, the task templates for Deno Run and Deno Bundle have been removed. Deno's bundle command has been deprecated for a while (see, and Deno run is far better server by the task runner API.


Added a new configuration option:

  • Added new global and project settings for "Cache on save". When enabled, the extension will automatically cache dependencies when a file is saved without you needing to run the 'Cache dependencies' command. Turned off by default!

  • Removed the "Enable Deno Language features" global setting. The language features are now on by default, and can be manually turned off on in the project settings.

  • Updated some of the settings descriptions to better explain how the "Enable Deno features", "Enabled paths", and "Disabled paths" settings interact.
  • Added default values for "Enabled paths" and "Disabled paths" settings so that the LSP does not get upset. Hopefully.


Added two new configuration options:

  • Added a per-workspace "Disabled paths" setting. The Deno extension will not be enabled for these paths.
  • Added a per-workspace "Complete function calls" setting. When enabled, this will include parenthese and arguments when selecting an autocomplete for a known function.


Added some features to improve the performance of this extension with large codebases.

  • Added per-workspace enablePath settings, which enables Deno's LSP to work with only paths you specify.
  • Added a per-workspace 'Document preload limit' configuration.
  • Added a per-workspace 'TypeScript isolate memory limit' configuration.


  • Symbols: This update adds a new 'Find Symbol' command and accompanying Deno Symbols sidebar to show the results of your search. (thanks to belcar-s!)
  • The extension will now gracefully handle Deno not being installed (belcar-s


  • Fixes an issue where tasks defined in a deno.jsonc config file would not be exposed as Nova tasks (thanks again, belcar-s!)
  • Fixes an issue where the extension would not work in files which were not associated with any project yet (thanks again, belcar-s!)


  • Fixed an issue where the "Enable Deno Language Features" preference was not being respected (thanks again, belcar-s!)


  • Fixed an issue where the 'Format on save' preference was not being respected (thank you belcar-s!)
  • Made it so that the LSP is relaunched when the deno.json configuration file is modified.


  • Bump for publishing the updated README.


  • Added support for automatically detecting Deno tasks and adding them as Nova tasks.
  • With Nova 9, many previous issues (such as code actions, or completions only being shown on typing certain characters) have gone, and this is a whole new extension!
  • New icons!


  • Now properly restarts LSP server when changing global and per-project settings in Nova.


  • Fix issue where formatting on save could not be configured at project level.


  • Added support for import suggestions!
  • Removed configuration file option (Deno will detect it automatically as of v1.18)
  • Added "Restart Deno LSP server" command.
  • Added JSON and JSONC as syntaxes this extension can use.
  • Fixed a bug where formatting a document would hang indefinitely.


  • Makes sure some fixes are actually included in the built extension.
  • Added a funding link.


  • Fixes an issue where enabling network access in the Run task passed the wrong flag (thanks jaydenseric!)
  • Stops the Deno LSP from printing all its logs as errors in the extension console.


  • Quick update to fix a submission error.


  • Refactored task templates so that they succeed more often and are easier to manage!


  • Added per-workspace configs for import maps and tsconfig.json for the LSP to use.


  • Added global and per-workspace configs for:
  • Language features
  • Linting
  • Format on save
  • Unstable API support.
  • Added built in Task Templates for deno run and deno bundle, which can be added and configured from Project -> Project Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where linting was not being enabled properly.
  • Removed unnecessary network access entitlement.


  • Initial release