Scala provides syntax highlighting and autocompletion for the Scala language using the Metals language server.

This extension requires Coursier to be installed and on the system path.

Language Support

Supported Features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Go-to definition
  • Hover documentation
  • Metals commands:
  • import build
  • connect to build server
  • switch build server
  • restart build server
  • disconnect from build server
  • cascade compile
  • clean compile
  • cancel compilation
  • reset workspace
  • list build targets

Command palette reference:

  • Metals: Import build
  • Import the latest changes from the build. For example, picks up latest library dependencies.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Update
  • Updates the Metals tool to the latest version.
  • Metals: Doctor
  • Opens the Metals doctor diagnostics page in the default web browser.
  • Metals: Switch build server
  • Provides a prompt to switch the underlying build server.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Connect to build server
  • Creates a new connection to the build server. Useful when documentation of go-to feels unresponsive.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Cancel compilation
  • Cancel any ongoing compilations.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Cascade compile
  • Compiles the open files and any files dependent on open files.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Clean compile
  • Recompiles all build targets in the workspace.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Reset notifications
  • Resets any dismissed notifications so that choices can be made again.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Restart build server
  • Stops and restart the current running build server.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Disconnect from old build server
  • Cancels the existing build server connection.
  • Reference
  • Metals: Reset workspace
  • Cleans the Metals cache and restarts the build server.
  • Reference
  • Metals: List build targets
  • Lists Metals build targets in the workspace.
  • Reference


Version 0.0