npm Registry

An extension to help with adding dependencies to your project from the npm public registry.


For those who can't quite remember a package name or can't keep up with the current version number, completions in your package.json can help. Within your dependencies or devDependencies objects, you can:

  1. On a new line, start typing a package name like html-webpack-plugin to see completion suggestions.
  2. After selecting the package name, the "compatible with" (caret prefixed) latest version is pre-filled. Hit Enter to accept this version.
  3. To select a different version, start typing a release tag like 'latest' or major version number to see version suggestions.

NOTE: Nova currently sorts my carefully ordered list in a less useful manner. I've reached out to Panic to see if they can retain my ordering, but in the meantime I passive-aggressively show my ranking before the package name to demonstrate how useful it could be.


  • Network: this extension contacts the APIs of and to pull suggestions of package names and versions.


npm is a registered trademark of npm, Inc. The npm public registry and the npm logo are the property of npm, Inc. The npm logo is used here with permission.

This extension and its author are not affiliated with npm, Inc.


Version 1.1.0


  • Uses snippets to suggest the latest version of a selected package name completion. Press Enter to accept the version suggestion.
  • In addition to tags, you can get version completion suggestions by starting to type the major version number.


  • Because it now uses a snippet, the long-standing issue where the preceding space caused version suggestions to not appear should be fixed.

Version 1.0.1


  • Gained permission to use the official npm logo.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release

  • Completions for names and versions of packages in the npm public registry