Hey, you – yes, YOU! Are you using a Nova theme that is SO CLOSE to perfect but you wish you could make a handful of modifications? (slaps hood) Then you need to test drive the not-patented Theme Mangler™! No need to create your own extension – the perfect theme is a few commands away!

How to Use

  1. Install a theme from the Extension Library. Theme Mangler only works on installed themes.
  2. Open any project or a blank workspace. The Theme Mangler commands only work in a workspace.
  3. Select Choose a Source Theme from the Extensions -> Theme Mangler menu or from the Command Palette.
  4. Select the theme you want to modify from the choice palette that appears.
  5. Select Edit My Custom Styles from the Extensions -> Theme Mangler menu or from the Command Palette.
  6. Add your styles to the user-styles.css document that opens in your workspace. See Helpful Hints below for tips on how to add these styles.
  7. Save the user-styles.css document. Your custom theme is generated when you save this file.
  8. Close the user-styles.css document when you're done. The save listener does not persist across sessions, though you can restart the listener by running the Edit My Custom Styles command again.
  9. Restart Nova. Nova only picks up changes to themes on startup.
  10. If you haven't already, select "My Perfect Theme" in Nova Preferences -> Theme.

Helpful Hints

  • Your custom styles need to follow Panic's guidelines for themes. Though you define styles with CSS, not all CSS features will work – notably custom properties (variables) are not available.
  • Use Nova's syntax inspector tool to get the name of a "scope" you want to target with your custom style. Unless you're targeting a feature of a specific language, leave off the language name in the scope.
  • Swatches are generated from the theme you chose as a source. This makes it easier to ensure you're using colors from the theme. You do need to restart Nova after selecting a source theme for it to pick up the new Swatch group.


Version 1.0.1-3

Rapid-fire bug-fixing when production (the Extension Library) turned out to work differently than local testing.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release:

  • Two commands for defining source theme and modifying it
  • Generated swatches for chosen source theme