VS Code Keybindings provides key bindings from VS Code, helping you feel right at home in Nova.


I did my best to mimic VS Code's out-of-the-box keybindings as much as possible, with the following caveats.

  • If something required chording (usually ⌘-K followed by another set of keypresses), I omitted it, since Nova doesn't support that method of input.
  • If existing Nova shortcuts did not conflict with VS Code, I left them as-is.
  • If existing Nova shortcuts did conflict, they were removed rather than re-assigned elsewhere.

Not all of the functionality is stuff that I personally use day to day, so my best-guess at matching it to Nova might have been wrong. Please make a pull request if something here seems off to you.


Note: Nova's bindings use combined characters, so this list will contain entries like "⌘-!" where you and I might think of it as "⌘-⇧-1". Such is the way of things.

Menu Item Binding
Build ⌘-⇧-B
FocusNextPane ⌘-⌥-Right
FocusPreviousPane ⌘-⌥-Left
Fold ⌘-⌥-[
GoBack ⌃--
GoForward ⌃-_
GoToFolder [Removed]
GoToLocalPath [Removed]
GoToRemotePath [Removed]
JumpToNextBracket [Removed]
JumpToPreviousBracket ⌘-?
NewLocalTerminal ⌃-`
OpenPreviewInTab ⌘-⇧-V
OpenQuickly ⌘-P
OpenQuicklyInSymbols ⌘-⇧-O
Print [Removed]
Replace ⌘-!
ReplaceAll ⌘-⌥-Return
Run F5
SelectAllInAnyScope ⌘-⇧-L
SelectInsideBrackets [Removed]
ShowExtensionsLibrary ⌘-⇧-X
ShowFilesSidebar ⌘-⇧-E
ShowGitSidebar ⌃-⇧-G
ShowHelp [Removed]
ShowInFinder ⌘-⌥-R
ShowIssuesSidebar ⌘-⇧-M
ShowWelcome [Removed]
Stop ⇧-F5
ToggleCommentAlternate ⌥-⇧-A
ToggleInvisibleCharacters [Removed]
ToggleSidebar ⌘-B
ToggleWrapLines ⌥-Z
Unfold ⌘-⌥-]
UseSelectionForReplace [Removed]


Version 0.1.1

Updating logo

Version 0.1.0

Initial release