A deliciously colorful Monokai-ish theme, in gorgeous light and dark variants.


Novakai 1.0

Initial release.

Novakai 1.0.1

Added subtle gradients to titlebar and buttons now that Nova 1.2 plays nicely.

Novakai 1.0.2

Added syntax highlight colors for CSS number value units (px, %, etc).

Novakai 1.0.3

Separate colors for style types, names, and constants. Particularly useful for JSX.

Novakai 1.0.4

Fixed 1.0.3 Release Note typos, nothing else to see :D

Novakai 1.0.5

JSX enhancements.

Novakai 1.0.6

Better differentiation for identifier type constructors, eg JSX class components.

Novakai 1.0.7

Extension submission went wrong for 1.0.6, 1.0.7 is just a retry!

Novakai 2.0

Everything's been tweaked to be nicer than ever! Now includes a bright and sparkling Novakai Days light theme to complement the deliciously dark Novakai Nights. - Greatly improved JSX and Typescript. - Gorgeous HTML and CSS. - Fine tuned for Lua Playdate projects. - C, JS, MD, JSON, AllTheThings - looking fab.