Vue 3 Clips provides clips for Vue 3, including the Vue 3 Composition API. It also provides helpful annotations, which include links to the Vue 3 Documentation.


Vue 3 Options API Trigger
All Options options
Props Object props:{}
Components Object components:{}
Inject Array inject:[]
Data Constructor Function data()
Provide Function provide()
Prop Object prop:{}
Computed Properties Object computed:{}
Computed Property Object compute:{}
Methods Object methods:{}
Method method()
Watchers Object watchers:{}
Watcher watcher:{}
Emits Object emits:{}
Emit Object emit:{}
Render Function render()
Components List Object components:{}
Directives List Object directives:{}
Directive directive()
Lifecycle Hook Functions lifecycleHooks
Vue 3 Composition API Trigger
Setup Function setup()
InjectionKey Function const key =
Provide Function provide()
Inject Function const inject =
Computed Property Function computed()
WatchEffect Function watchEffect()
Watch Function Watch
OnBeforeMount Function onBeforeMount()
onMounted Function onMounted()
onBeforeUpdate Function onBeforeUpdate()
onUpdated Function onUpdated()
onActivated Function onActivated()
onDeactivated Function onDeactivated()
onBeforeUnmount Function onBeforeUnmount()
onUnmounted Function onUnmounted()
onErrorCaptured Function onErrorCaptured()
onRenderTracked Function onRenderTracked()
onRenderTriggered Function onRenderTriggered()
Vue 3 Docgen Tags Trigger
Values Tag @values
Deprecated Tag @values
Link Tag @values
Author Tag @values
Since Tag @values
Ignore Tag @values
Slot Tag <!-- Slot ->


Version 1.0

Initial release