JavaScript Standard Style automatically lints all open files, then reports errors and warnings in Nova's Issues sidebar and the editor gutter.

Even though standard treats all rule violations as errors, this extensions (in order to reduce visual clutter) displays auto-fixable issues as "hints" and all other issues as "errors".


  • supported syntaxes: javascript, jsx, markdown, html
  • Fix all auto-fixable issues command that can be invoked through the command palette
  • Auto-fix on save configurable globally and on a per-workspace basis (off by default)
  • uses locally installed standard only


JavaScript Standard Style requires some additional tools to be installed on your Mac:

A recent Node.js version that's supported by standardJS

To install the current stable version of Node, click the "Recommended for Most Users" button to begin the download. When that completes, double-click the .pkg installer to begin installation.

standard has to be installed locally in your workspace (e.g. with npm i -D standard). This extension will not use any globally installed standard installations. If this is something you want, feel free to open an issue or PR.

If you would like to check additional syntaxes like markdown or html, you'll need to install the appropriate ESLint plugin. The extension will let you know which one. Additionally, you must add the plugin to standard.plugins in package.json (see for more information).


To configure global preferences, open Extensions → Extension Library... then select JavaScript Standard Style's Preferences tab.

You can also configure preferences on a per-project basis in Project → Project Settings...

Available options:

  • Enable auto-fix on save (off by default)


Lots of inspiration was drawn from these sources:


Version 1.1.1

  • Turns out standard doesn't play nicely with vue, remove support again.

Version 1.1.0

  • Add support for html, markdown and vue files
  • Fix detection of standard installation

Version 1.0.1

Update URL to screenshot in Readme

Version 1.0

Initial release