Ashokai is a mixture of the awesome Nebula theme, Monokai and a bit of Catppuccin to boot. Colourful and contrasty, it has a few extra bits sprinkled in for Elixir, PHP, Blade, Advanced PHP, Javascript, JSX, Astro, Twig, Handlebars, Liquid, SQL and Statamic Antlers.

Ashokai comes with variants



The OG. Vanilla. Well, it's dark, but you know what I mean.

Ashokai - Contrasty

Which has more contrast.

Ashokai - Urple

is kind of purple.

Ashokai - Brahn

You know a colour that doesn't get enough love? Brown. Brown is awesome. This version is brown BTW.

Ashokai - Creamy beige

A warm, light beige variant. A bit like Bailey's. In fact, it's as close as you can get to Bailey's without getting your eyes wet.⋆

Contribution and issues

If you've got any suggestions for specific highlighting, I'm all ears, open up an issue on the Github repo.


Ashokai is influenced by Nebula, Monokai pro and Catppuccin.


Version 1.8.6


value.symbols highlighting for elixir (Might be other knock on effects, let me know if you spot any negatives)

Version 1.8.5 🧔

NEW! 🌟

  • Added support for Handlebars

Version 1.8.4


  • Switching out orange for identifiers, strings etc in beige

Version 1.8.3


  • Fixed issues with elixir highlighting in beige theme

Version 1.8.2

NEW! 🌟

  • Minor improvements for elixir
  • Improved buttons in urple and contrasty

Version 1.8.1

NEW! 🌟

  • More granular javascript highlighting, nice.

Version 1.8 🥛👞

NEW! 🌟

  • Light theme users now getting some recognition, 1.8 introduces a soft, beigey theme called "Creamy beige", broadly based on Monokai pro's warm theme but with Ashokai colours and higher contrast
  • New more betterer logo and better theme examples
  • Added SQL specific formatting
  • checked consistency with C++, lua and swift


  • Styling improvements for urple and brahn variants

Version 1.7 🐘🐘🐘

NEW! 🌟

Added support for Advanced PHP


Markdown fixes

Submitted some changes to Nova ElixirLS repo that'll improve .heex support, hopefully more elixir highlighting coming soon.

Version 1.6.3 🔮

Added initial Elixir highlighting

Version 1.6.1 ✍🏾

Improved markdown highlighting

Version 1.6 📚

Improvements to overall highlighting, tested with more languages for consistency, including:

  • Blade
  • C#
  • Clojure
  • Go
  • Liquid
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Twig

Added additional highlighting rules for Astro, Twig, Liquid and TypeScript

Also improved colour consistency

Version 1.5.2 🚀

  • Subtle colour changes
  • Basic Astro highlighting
  • Fixes

Version 1.5 👍🏾

  • Added Brahn variant! Which is brown. Who doesn't love brown?
  • Some styling tweaks
  • Converted all colour values to HSL

Version 1.0 🎉

Initial release