A selection of basic clips for HTMX 🌍


Clips follow standard attribute name format for clarity and triggers are named to correspond with the attributes minus hyphens, for example:

Title Description Trigger
hx-boost Inserts hx-boost="true" hxboost
hx-get Inserts hx-get="" hxget
hx-vals Inserts hx-vals="" hxvals

This extension also provides alternates and shorthand for common attributes, for example:

Title Description Trigger
hx-swap delete Inserts hx-swap="delete" hxswapdel
hx-swap none Inserts hx-boost="none" hxswapnone
hx-trigger click Inserts hx-trigger="click" hxclick
hx-trigger alt Inserts hx-trigger="keydown[key=='altKey']" hxalt

HTMX clips offers clips in the following categories:

  • Core attributes
  • Triggers
  • Additional attributes


There's quite a few, but I don't think there's 100% coverage of all attributes, just the ones I've used + a quick look through the HTMX docs to bulk it out to make it more useful for other people. If there's anything you'd like to see added, feel free to create an issue on the repo


Version 1.0

Initial release