Image Placeholder inserts placeholder images provided by Lorem Picsum, LoremFlickr and (most importantly) Placekitten with the command palette speedily.


To run Image Placeholder:

  • Select the Editor → Image Placeholder menu item; or
  • Open the command palette and type placeholder and select the service and type of placeholder you want.

Image placeholder supports three image providers(more planned) and has various options for each.

You can provide dimensions as either w h, w,h or w/h LoremFlickr also supports categories, so you can write something like 600 400 monkey press ⮐ and get this image:

Isn't that a lovely picture eh?

Both Lorem picusum and LoremFlickr support random commands, which adds a random seed string ensuring images of the same dimension will return different images, both of these are pictures of a horse, using the Lorem Flicker placeholder random command and typing 100 horse

You can also insert <img> tags and css background images, snazzy.

Here's the full list of commands:

Lorem picsum

  • Picsum image placeholder
  • Picsum image placeholder random
  • Picsum img tag placeholder
  • Picsum img tag placeholder random
  • Picsum CSS background placeholder
  • Picsum CSS background placeholder random


also supports categories!

  • LoremFlickr image placeholder
  • LoremFlickr image placeholder random
  • LoremFlickr img tag placeholder
  • LoremFlickr img tag placeholder random
  • LoremFlickr background placeholder
  • LoremFlickr background placeholder random


  • Placekitten image placeholder
  • Placekitten img tag placeholder
  • Placekitten background placeholder

Contribution and upcoming features

This is V1.0, I'm planning on some improvements inlcuding

  • Support for, inclding being able to specify colours and text etc
  • Support for LoremFlickr's lock parameter

If there's anything else you'd like to see added or have feedback, feel free to leave an issue on the Github repo


Version 1.0 🎉

Initial release!