Nebula theme for Nova

A beautifully minimal and carefully-designed Nova theme with vibrant syntax colors.

Meet the colors.

Every great theme starts with great colors. Five are not enough. Seven are too many. A family of six, beautiful colors was chosen through a critical and structured process.

Have your eye candy. And see it, too.

All six colors were painstakingly tested for ergonomics, legibility, and aesthetics on several monitor configurations, including sRGB, Adobe RGB, miscalibrated, grayscale, HDR, high-contrast, low-contrast, f.lux, and more.

Multichromatic. Monochromatic.

All colors were tested together in a monochromatic environment to ensure their contrast levels match so no single color catches your eye more than the others do.

<a href="" title="Made with <3 by TJ Kohli"> <img src="" align="center" width="50" alt="Made with <3 by TJ Kohli">


Version 0.9.0-beta

Initial release