Markdown Clips for Nova

Markdown Clips is a collection of Basic and Extended Markdown syntax snippets, for use in Panic Inc's Nova.


Nova's Extension Library

You can install this extension through the Extension Library. Search for Markdown Clips and press Install.

Manual method

Alternatively you can download the extension from the GitHub repository, double click the file and opt for installation when Nova prompts you.


Autocomplete and keyboard shortcuts

Markdown Clips uses triggers to assist with autocomplete.

There is keyboard shortcut support for some of the formatting options. (e.g. Cmd+B for bold and Cmd+I for italic).


You can also open the Clips sidebar to visually browse the library. Nova will let you double click, or click and drag into the editor.

Support the Project

If you find Markdown Clips useful and would like to support the project, I'd be grateful if you'd buy me a coffee.


Version 1.3

[Changed] A handful of triggers have been changed, to make clip activation more natural with your writing.

  • The keystroke > invokes the list of block quote options
  • The keystroke - invokes text formatting options
  • The keystroke | invokes the list of table options

You can still bring these up using their descriptive names though. (For example, if you start typing the word block quote, the block quote options will appear.)

[Changed] The extension app logo has been updated, to be more colourful.

Version 1.2

[Changed] Commands support for bold and italic removed, as I've integrated the formatting with the clips.Same power, but easier to wield! (Repo Issue 1: Format selection with keyboard shortcuts).

[New] Added Header ID's. These are useful if you want to generate links directly to headings in resulting HTML markup.

Version 1.1

[New] Bold and italic are now published as Commands, so you can select existing text and change its formatting. * You can use the menu, Editor > Markdown Clips to do this * Alternatively, bind the commands to custom keyboard mappings within Preferences > Key Bindings > Extensions)

[Fixed] Typing the word boot and pressing 'Enter' would replace with a blockquote.

Version 1.0

Initial release 🎉