Handcrafted Theme for Nova

A beautiful dark theme for modern screens. Handcrafted uses colours from the CIELAB colour space. Each colour in the palette has an intentional level of brightness. This gives a sense of order and hierarchy to your editor.

The palette strikes the perfect balance between dreamy pastels and high contrast. The colours use a harmonic relationship and run through the entire spectrum.

Implementation of Handcrafted is tweaked for each editor. This way, we cater to the specific subtleties of the way that editor uses syntax highlighting.

How to install Handcrafted Nova theme

  • Go to preferences in Nova
  • Go to the theme tab
  • Click the "more themes" button
  • Search for "Handcrafted"
  • Click the install button


Version 1.5.12

Make styles more similar to VS Code theme.

Version 1.5.3

Fix issue with inactive titlebar colour and markdown code snippet colour as highlighted in issue #1.

Version 1.5

Make README more clear with some nice images, fix some issues with TypeScript and HTML syntax highlighting and add styles for titlebar.

Version 1.0

Initial release