Hyper Hacking

Am editor theme by Anderycks

This is a theme that I, Deryck Hodge, use. I first created a terminal theme matching this colorscheme when I was using Hyper terminal. That's why I call this the Hyper Hacking theme.

I no longer use Hyper terminal, but the color scheme lives on in my terminal setups and editor themes. So I created this extension to use my own personal theme within Nova now.

Notes on usage

I really only use this for the editor theme and use other themes for the window theme. The window theme included here is just the default when you select "Create new extension..." within Nova.

I personally use Hyper Hacking with Night Owls Black, but YMMV.


Version 1.0

Initial release. This is a hyper-inspired theme for long stretchs of coding.